Clédia Fourniau
Winner of The Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize

Clédia Fourniau has been chosen as the winner of The Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize for 2024. Selected by a committee of leading figures from the worlds of art and culture, the prize awards an emerging artist from a cosmopolitan French scene whose works invite us to look at the world differently, in its complexity and diversity.
© Portrait of Clédia Foruniau by Axle Jozeph for  Reiffers Art Initiatives



Clédia Fourniau (b. 1992 in Paris, France) lives and works in Paris. She received a BA from Ensaama Olivier de Serres School of Art & Design and a BA and MFA from the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Her paintings are created using acrylic paint, mica, and resin on primed canvas or textile that forms a mirror-glossy surface producing an introspective dialogue between the reflected image and reality. The act of painting is fundamentally dependent on material and process, rooted in a practice of body in action that is built up in her studio day by day and layer after layer, in an extended and unpredictable temporality. She works on the serial ...
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