Alice Anderson
Winner of the SAM Prize 2023

KÖNIG GALERIE congratulates Alice Anderson for receiving the 15th SAM Prize for Contemporary Art. As part of the prize, the artist will travel to Brazil to realize her project titled SOLIDARITY WITH NON-HUMANS, TOGETHER IN THE ERA DE L’ANTHROPOCENE, which will later be showcased in Paris in 2025.

© Portrait by Maïa Dibie

Anderson was chosen from among seven artists nominated for this year’s Prix SAM deliberations of the 2023 Scientific Committee.

Established in 2009, the SAM Prize for Contemporary Art is given to a French plastic and visual artist each year in December following consideration by the scientific committee, who presents a project for a non-European nation (excluding North America and Europe). The 20,000 euro reward entails a solo show in Paris in the months that follow the journey, a visibility that helps build the artist's reputation among the public and experts in the art industry. The Prix SAM travels award-winning artists across the globe to engage with diverse contexts and execute projects beyond their cultural borders. The intention is to highlight findings and research in areas that are less well-known while also posing questions.


Body Disruptions

Alice Anderson

Body Disruptions



Alice Anderson (b. 1972 in France) lives and works in London. Anderson locates her practice at the fulcrum between movement informed by ancestral cultures and the ubiquitous world of technology and its algorithmic systems. Her animist approach advocates a total reconnection to nature through ritual dance. She is one of the very few artists who creates paintings and sculptures during performances, remaking and rethinking the wired connections between consciousness, body, and machine, what she calls “human/non-human interactions”. In 2020, Anderson was nominated for the Prix Marcel Duchamp.

Anderson researches anthropology and ecofemini...
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