Studio Visit

The studio of Matthias Weischer is located in Leipzig, a city now renowned for a school of figurative painting that emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall, where classical rendering and representational modes of working were the norm.

Inside of his atelier, Weischer focuses meticulously on each element of his expansive tableaux, which feature multiple lines of sight and perspectives that put the flatness of the canvas into animated tension with the spaces depicted. While it is rare to find sources of illumination within his works, it is clear from the studio that the qualities and minute details of light are crucial to the production of his pictures, which breathe with their own air, capacious and yet deeply intimate. Inside his studio, there are drawings and studies rarely seen in exhibitions of Weischer’s works, which add to the mystery of an artistic practice that is at once formally grounded in the history of large-format painting and entirely new.

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