Manfred Kuttner

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"Why fluorescent luminous paint? Coincidence. Fascination. Because it is so intense." These words reflect Manfred Kuttner's commitment to his work from the early 1960s. With the fluorescent "Plaka" luminous paints, which had just come onto the market, he developed around 30 geometrically structured luminous paint pictures and 15 everyday objects painted with luminous paints. In addition, there is the film "A-Z," a photo series with body painting, and the script for an experimental theater piece called "Unfall" ("Accident"). At the Düsseldorf Art Academy he begins to explore informal painting, ZERO and Fluxus in the class of Karl Otto Götz. In the spring of 1963, together with fellow students Konrad Lueg, Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter, he organizes the momentous "Demonstrative Exhibition" at 31A Kaiserstrasse in Düsseldorf. There, the so-called German Pop Art is founded and the term Capitalist Realism, which from today's perspective is shrouded in myth, is born. In 1964 Manfred Kuttner ended his artistic career and worked as a commercial artist in the following years.

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ISBN: 978 3 86335 402 2

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