Peter Dreher

Tag um Tag guter Tag

Kunstverein Ulm
124 pages
ISBN: 978 3 93701 483 8
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It takes a little loyalty to a motif to paint the same glass against the same background for over 30 years. Did Peter Dreher know what he was getting into when he started his project "Tag um Tag guter Tag" in 1974? Since then, at least 50 of these simple must glasses are created each year. The painter depicts the glass not as a still life, but as a single object on a gray table and against a white wall. Peter Dreher's "Tag um Tag guter Tag" (Day by Day Good Day) has become a study that turns the un-merciful time into an object. Its title "Tag um Tag guter Tag" (Day by Day Good Day), which Peter Dreher borrowed from a Zen Buddhist scripture, suggests that it is borne by a very unpretentious approval of transience. Such a painterly contemplation can also be found in many other works by Peter Dreher, who was born in Mannheim in 1932. During his time at the Karlsruhe Academy, he studied with Erich Heckel, Karl Hubbuch, and Wilhelm Schnarrenberger; later he was to head the Freiburg branch of the Karlsruhe State Academy of Fine Arts. His skulls, observations of the sky, doll heads, and portraits of the poet Robert Walser, drawn or painted from photographs, are also perceptions for perception's sake. The extensive catalog accompanying a series of exhibitions in Ulm, Erfurt, and Coesfeld places these more recent works in the context of his oeuvre as a whole.

Publishing Year: 2008
Publisher: Kunstverein Ulm
Editor(s): Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Kai Uwe Schierz, Lynn Tillmann, Monika Machnicki, Cai Wagner, Volker Bauermeister
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 124
Dimensions: 25 x 30.2 cm
Weight: 1.0 kg
Language: German/English

ISBN: 978 3 93701 483 8

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