Uli Aigner

One Million

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"ONE MILLION is my way of dealing with and confronting globalisation. The venture - to produce 1,000,000 pieces of porcelain dishes before my natural death with my own hands - began in 2014. Every item is engraved with a chronological number, based on the order of its creation, turning each porcelain item into a unique, individual object. On the website www.eine-million.com, every item is digitally represented by a photograph and its location. Each item can be located via Google Maps. A global transnational and trans-cultural art project: The aim is to create a global network that will encompass all continents and virtually unite all owners of these porcelain items. The certainty of being able to make a commodity out of a piece of damp earth connects us with the entire history of human development." – Uli Aigner 

As an homage to brutalist architects like Werner Düttmann, the dishes of the BRUTALISM PORCELAIN are an attempt to create a connection between the body and the qualities of brutalist architecture.

Material: Porcelain
Made in Germany

© Images König Galerie and Uli Aigner