Werner Düttmann

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Werner Düttmann (1921-1983) is one of the most important Berlin architects of the post-war period. The Academy of Arts, Berlin is closely associated with him on several occasions: as architect of the Academy building on Hanseatenweg (1960), as director of the Department of Architectural Art (1967-1971), and finally as its president (1971-1983). The Academy's Baukunstarchiv holds his estate, which provides the basis for this text volume.For the first time, Düttmann's speeches and writings from more than three decades since the late 1940s are published here. Numerous manuscripts and typescripts from the various contexts of his activities as architect, urban planner, and president reveal his way of working and thinking. Writing was his instrument of working and processing.Werner Düttmann was an exceptionally astute observer, well-read, humorous, analytical, articulate: His texts read like highly topical and still relevant contributions to debates on architecture and urban planning, whether on social housing, transportation planning, spatial and functional programs, or the social importance of architecture in general. "Everyone knew him; only a few knew of his actual reality, but also of his own doubts. Werner Düttmann was an architect as well as a painter; he could also have been a writer. He was an unnamed patron of so many of this city's intellectual and artistic concerns. Berlin's tradition and history were for him a source of inexhaustible enthusiasm and passion. "Hans Christian Müller, September 1, 1983

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ISBN: 978 3 8030 2226 4

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