Karl Horst Hödicke

Malerei 1961-2015

Walther König Verlag
315 pages
ISBN: 978 3 96098 716 1
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Among the artists of the gallerist Johann König, Karl Horst Hödicke occupies a special position, if only in terms of the manner of painting and the subject, and not least in view of the fact that we are here before a body of work that spans more than five decades. Hödicke has already realized three solo exhibitions together with Johann König in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Most recently, in September 2020, the Hall Art Foundation | Schloss Derneburg Museum opened the extensive solo exhibition KARL HORST HÖDICKE as part of its ongoing series BERLIN KOMMT NACH NIEDERSACHSEN.

Publishing Year: 2021
Publisher: Walther König Verlag
Editor(s): Andrew Hunt, Timon Karl Kaleyta, Hans Ulrich Obrist
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 315
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ISBN: 978 3 96098 716 1

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