Karl Horst Hödicke


68 pages
ISBN: 978 3 86678 521 2
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"For all the painterly sovereignty and compositional certainty that Hödicke's pictures display, his art nevertheless shows a clear distance, which has grown in recent years, from such forms of painting culture that aim at refinement and visual culinary art. His more recent works in particular dispense with elegance and outward virtuosity, perhaps because he fears the hermeticism of perfection and the retreat into the spheres of a pure aesthetic. [...] For it is quite possible to be offended by it, and such material painting as appears in his latest pictures will certainly not suit standard tastes, which expect comfortable pleasure from the picture." Christoph Schreier

Publishing Year: 2011
Publisher: KERBER Verlag
Editor(s): K.H.Hödicke
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 68
Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm
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Language: English/German

ISBN: 978 3 86678 521 2

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