Michael Sailstorfer


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Integral parts of the works of Michael Sailstorfer (born 1979 in Velden/Vils, lives and works in Berlin) are everyday objects, but also smells, noise, movement and time, which combine to form a poetic overall picture. The works Forst and Schwarzwald are the starting point of this book. They exemplify the interfaces and overlaps between natural and artificial space. What function these considerations of the artist's in his works take on is the subject of a lengthy conversation that Guido Fassbender and Isabelle Lindermann have had with him. Illustrated with numerous works by Sailstorfer and other artists mentioned in the course of the conversation, the book is a casual stroll through his complex oeuvre. The publication begins and ends with passages compiled by Michael Sailstorfer from expedition reports by the Norwegian lawyer, publisher, and adventurer Erling Kagge. These depict moments of extreme experiences of nature and are thus related to works such as the underwater sculptures or Black Forest, which Michael Sailstorfer exposes to nature in extreme places, leaving it to its own devices.

Publishing Year: 2012
Publisher: Distanz Verlag
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ISBN: 978 3 94020 822 4

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