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Tue Greenfort’s exhibition at Sorø Kunstmuseum is the artist’s first solo show at a Danish institution. But it is by no means his first solo exhibition internationally. Indeed, over the course of the last ten years Greenfort has built a position as one of the pre-eminent artists of his generation, contributing to dOCUMENTA 13 and the 2007 Münster sculpture biennial and presenting solo exhibitions at the Sculpture Center in New York and the Secession in Vienna. He has established a unique presence on the art scene by ceaselessly working in the field where ecology, art, technology, and economy intersect.

For BUTTERLAND, Greenfort works with collections: Sorø Kunstmuseum's collection, his own collection of works from 2001-2014 and the Japetus Steenstrup Natural History Collection at Sorø Academy. Steenstrup (1813-97) was one of the leading scientists of his time. He founded both the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen and a collection in Sorø which is now stored in the basement at the Academy. Greenfort will include objects from this collection and juxtapose them to his own works. The exhibition has been supported by 15. Juni Fonden and the Danish Arts Foundation.

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