König Galerie | 30.8.–31.8.2021
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the iconic FAT CARS, Erwin Wurm will drop his first NFT on August 30, 6PM CEST as an open edition that will be exclusively available for 24 hours on The NFT titled BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT brings his FAT SCULPTURES via an animated version of a breathing Porsche to life.

The Austrian sculptor and painter Erwin Wurm is one of the most successful contemporary artists and is known for his unusual depictions of everyday life and his humorous approaches to his works. He has twice participated in the Venice Biennale.

Wurm’s comical attitude towards representation features heavily in his FAT SCULPTURES, in which he purposefully disfigures single-family homes or car models deemed middle-class status symbols by mass culture. With his FAT SCULPTURES Wurm delivers snappy and striking commentary on today’s consumer society.

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