Bettina Pousttchi

Directions Pin

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In the new works, Bettina Pousttchi deals with the objects and sign systems of the continually changing urban space as an environment for living. Directions is the title of a new group of works by the artist that is the focus of the exhibition. It is a series of wall reliefs made out of cut and colour-coated steel, whose shape is derived from street signs in the form of arrows. These urban sign systems, which we often perceive only unconsciously, appear as if they have been cut out of their environment and placed in a new context of meaning. Mounted at a slight distance from the wall, the cut-out objects seem to float. Their sharp-edged form makes them oscillate between a kind of pictogram and graffiti. The regulative function of these signs and their influence on the movement of bodies in public spaces are called into question – a single direction is extended by multiple directions.

Dimensions: 6.1 cm × 4.5 cm
Material: hand-painted, gold-plated
Made in Europe

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