Tue Greenfort

Sun field - plant community (Wheat) V

cyanotype on Hahnemühle paper
147 x 109.5 x 4 cm
57.9 x 43.1 x 1.6 in
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The cyanotypes pick up the motif of the grain by using an early photographic printing technique that employs UV rays of the sun exposed to light-sensitive paper, resulting in a Prussian blue surrounding the negative impressions of the individual figure. Some of the works in this exhibition show night scenes with a full moon, an archaic image, alluding to agricultural practices that still synchronize their activities – harvesting and sowing – to the phases of the moon, the others are day scenes with an eclipse of the sun.
Cyanotype is a nearly two-hundred-year-old printing process first made popular by British naturalist Anna Atkins. Originally a means to reproduce technical drawings, Atkins used the technique to document algae of which she published a book in 1941. It is considered the first photographically illustrated book. Greenfort ist drawn by this historic background of the technique and its dual field of use in technology and nature and at the same time emphasizes the unique aesthetic qualities.

This work is in excellent condition with no discernible condition issues. Detailed condition report available upon request.