10 NOVEMBER 2019 – 16 FEBRUARY 2020

Just two days after the ceremonial opening at Villa Schöningen a further site-specific exhibition by Norbert Bisky is unveiled. An elaborate installation has been placed on the ceiling of St. Matthäus church. While his show RANT mainly deals with events surrounding the fall of the wall, POMPA lies its focus on the decades following the reunification.

Both exhibitions are linked by a light installation: searchlights have been installed on a gallery inside of the church and on the roof of Villa Schöningen, floodlighting the environment.  A reminder of the threatening situation at the border dividing German states, that ran in the immediate vicinity of both exhibition spaces.

The church ceiling is divided into separate sections, telling a linear history unfolding from the entrance toward the altar. Starting at the zero-hour followed by euphoria and excess, leading toward the uncertainties of contemporary life: migration, environmental destruction, and terror. Pop cultural references to religion conclude the visual narration above the altar, questioning the meaning of faith in post-factual times.© Images Bernd Borchardt



Norbert Bisky (b. 1970 in Leipzig, Germany) lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Andalusia, Spain. He studied at the Berlin and Madrid University of the Arts and is one of the most successful representatives of contemporary figurative painting. The artist translates personal experiences of terror, journeys to Brazil, and influences from the media world into color-intensive scenes of beauty, sexuality, violence, and destruction. In Germany, Norbert Bisky is one of the most renowned painters of his generation.

His works have been shown in many international solo and group exhibitions, amongst others in the G2 Kunsthalle, Leipzig, Germ...
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