18 SEPTEMBER 2021 – 8 JANUARY 2022

Jose Dávila presents ‘Primitive Irruption’ in the Moll Vell district of Palma, in
collaboration with Autoridad Portuaria. The sculpture – consisting of steel beams
stacked with a boulder – is shaped by a seemingly delicate equilibrium that embodies gravity, resistance and the latent energy at play in space and time. The steadiness of the beams contrasts with the irregular shape of the rock, their
industrial aspect with its unaltered character. The boulder appears to destabilize the beam resting on top of it and imperil the balance of the whole, holding the momentum for the viewer to gain awareness of the forces at play. A perfect knowledge of the materials allows Dávila – who trained as an architect – to challenge the laws of physics, overwhelming the gaze and inviting to contemplation.
Commissioned by Kewenig Galerie in collaboration with Autoridad Portuaria.
Primitive Irruption, 2021
Metal beams and boulder
168 x 573 x 59 cm

© Courtesy of the artist and Kewenig Galerie
© Images Bruno Daureo