PERMANENT INSTALLATION SINCE 2015Mobiles, as we all know, are very fragile constructs. But at the same time, mobiles are nicely balanced sets of individual objects maintaining entropy by adapting to the changing circumstances and energies they are exposed to. This only works because of the dependencies of the elements it consists of within the construct of the mobile itself and the mostly invisible bonds it has to the energy of its immediate environment. The mobile for the very core of the VIA school building is an assembly of five spherical objects attached to a steel structure consisting of four horizontal tiers and vertical hanging pipes of various dimensions all powder coated in a light gray colour. The tears are connected with four drive units and steel pipes. Each drive unit is operated individually following a random program that runs from an “on board” controller.Each of the spheres has one LED illuminated ring. The intensity of the illumination varies from sphere to sphere. All the electrics and functions are controlled from a central operating console. The cladding of the spheres themselves is mainly made from high-grade mirror-polished steel. Proximity and distance, recognition and dissolution, self-reflection and deflection are pairs of terms that spectators will be then dealing with once they themselves are engaged with the artwork. In a certain way the objects will become alive by the feelings and energies people will connect and attach to them. The atrium space will become the mediating framework for the transmitted feelings attached to the sculptural elements.MOBILE OF ENLIGHTENMENT, 2015
High-polished stainless steel, aluminum, LED, transformers, 4 drive units
15,50 x 15,50 m, 5 light objects, dimension variable ( ø 1,80 - 2,20 m)

© Courtesy KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, 303 Gallery, New York and Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen
© Images Studio Jeppe Hein