Everything but white

The spaciousness and industrial atmosphere of the old hall and the reference to the river Spree and nature were the basis of the design," says architect Daniel Verhuelsdonk of the new studio for Jorinde Voigt, completed in 2018.

In close co-operation with the artist, a unique studio building with flexibly usable rooms was created on the grounds of the Reinbeckhallen, a now listed former industrial site in Oberschöneweide, Berlin. Old and new enter into a dialogue and combine to form a modern poetic minimalism.cement screed, which are effective through their material-specific haptics and texture and are allowed to develop a patina as they age. The clay surfaces contrast with the radiant brass ones of the sliding doors and skylights."Two houses were placed in the old industrial hall as a "house within a house" concept. Both of these houses are oriented around a central, square-like interior. The striking square apertures of the houses define the space and allow numerous vistas, views in and out, and diagonally-running relationships."

"The color concept was developed together with Jorinde under the premise of “everything but white.” The mineral colors shimmer in the interplay between different lighting moods."

"Nowadays, an artist's studio is not only an intimate place where work is done in seclusion, but also a public place where insights into the creative processes are granted."

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"Certain overlaps in the artistic approach of our working methods have fostered a productive collaboration on the project. From room to room the colors vary in different shades of green and blue with increasing intensity. It was exciting for me to see that the colored rooms also had an influence on her works from the Immersion series in the new studio."



Jorinde Voigt (b. in 1977 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. She graduated from Katharina Sieverding’s master class at the UdK Universität der Künste, Berlin in 2004. Afterwards, from 2014 – 2019, she was professor of Conceptual Drawing and Painting at AdBK Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Germany. Since 2019, she is professor of Conceptual Drawing and Painting at HfBK Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, Germany.

Jorinde Voigt’s drawings and sculptural works develop rigorous, idiosyncratic systems to depict how one’s inner world – such as personal experience, emotion, and memory – ...
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