Studio Visit

Corinne Wasmuht's pictures are created in her head. She plans the images, takes photos that fit the theme and then sketches are created. Only then does she begin to paint. Corinne Wasmuht takes about eight months to complete a painting. She likes to work late into the night. Neon tubes, one bluish, one yellowish, simulate daylight in her studio. Her creative space on Tempelhofer Ufer in Berlin is almost four hundred square meters in size. 

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Corinne Wasmuht (b. 1964 in Dortmund, Germany) grew up in Argentina and now lives and works in Berlin. She returned from Argentina to Germany to study painting at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. She has been a professor at the Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe, Germany since 2006.

Corinne Wasmuht’s complex, multifaceted pictorial worlds develop through a gradual, painstaking process of painting which in a certain sense already begins with her sitting at the computer. Wasmuht selects single motifs and elements from a large collection of photographs that she has taken and combines them in different ways until sh...
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