ALICIA FRAMIS on Transforming
into Works of Art

»I always wanted to be an artist that was
surrounded by a community.«

»I always wanted to be
an artist that was surrounded
by a community.«

Write down your biggest fear and deposit in a mirrored sculpture, then see what happens. These simple instructions initiate a process of transformation that is at the center of Alicia Framis’s exhibition, LEAVE HERE YOUR FEARS. The Barcelona-born, Amsterdam-based artist collected the anonymous messages and transformed them into woven canvases that were then installed around the walls of the Chapel space at St. Agnes. In this video, Framis describes what drew her to the project, how it reflects her desire to engage communities with her art, and what she hopes will be the positive outcome of this participatory endeavour.





Alicia Framis (b. 1967 in Barcelona, Spain) lives and works in Amsterdam. She received an MFA from the Rijksakademie of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the Institut Hautes Études in Paris, France, and was most recently awarded a PhD from the University Complutense of Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain, in 2022. Framis works at the intersection of social practice and participation. The performative element of her engagements has taken form variously as workshops, installations, videos, and live actions. Her pioneering work in these fields over the last three decades was first motivated by the desire to reach disaffected communities in ...
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