4 JULY – 19 AUGUST 2018

KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present the first exhibition of oil paintings by Sabine Moritz in Berlin. Emphasising abstraction in this new body of work, EDEN celebrates a masterful and sensitive rush of colours. The paintings communicate reality in an expressive and emotive manner; they transmit an impassioned atmosphere by exploring notions of experience, memory, and transience.

Moritz’s work encaptures the fragility and fleetingness of time — her practice is continuously influenced by childhood memories of the high-density concrete housing sceneries of Lobeda — a suburban satellite of Jena in Eastern Germany — where Moritz first began to draw and paint. Figurative paintings from Sabine Moritz's ongoing series of floral still lifes and grey-scaled cityscapes are also on display. Quoting the artist: »I often draw or paint flowers that I have in my studio, and the painting of these flowers is a representation of the present, in which you find yourself thinking about something distant, as in a sort of daydream.”

REGEN, STERNE, GRANIT, GLUT AND SEE (2018) are five nonrepresentational depictions of natural phenomena achieved with an impasto application of vivid oil colours. Associatively connected via the respective titles, the works show recurrent themes of natural history; ALS DIE SÄUGETIERE INS MEER KAMEN (2018) refers to evolutionary history, while CHAOS (2018) has a definite cosmological connotation. EDEN (2018) gives its title to the exhibition and is an abstract diptych that references cultural expectations of an unspoiled, utopian paradise yet to be experienced. Moritz’s paintings seduce and arrest; the beholder is offered momentary exposure to an energetic field of motion.



Sabine Moritz (b. in 1969 in Quedlinburg, Germany) lives and works in Cologne. She started her studies at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (from 1989 to 1991) and completed her studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (graduated 1994).

Moritz's works reveal a finely tuned approach to observing supposedly everyday, personal scenes from life and capturing them in such a way that a transcending moment seems to be inherent in them. The artist's recurring motifs are war, nature and still life, suburban settlements, and figure, whereby the immediate surroundings serve as the most important source of her works, intertwining inner and outer pe...
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