27 JUNE – 26 JULY 2024

KÖNIG MEXICO CITY is pleased to present AURORA, an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Reine Paradis, showcasing self-portrait photographs, paintings, sculptures, and a video installation from her two previous series, “Jungle” and “Midnight”. Her signature colors radiate off the surface with the use of deep blues, neon yellows, and bright oranges, all meticulously refined through a painstaking process. This collection of works dives into the surreal world and psyche of Paradis, from the moment of conception, through creation and even its deconstruction.

Paradis examines the transition between extrinsic realities and personal fantasies, one of the continuing themes in her work. While she embraces the constantly changing and fluid nature of the world around us, she also obscures the boundary of what we know to be true. Like an aurora, the use of transparent materials within the works reflects, screens, and absorbs light while creating a curtain-like barrier — one that can hide but also illuminate.



Reine Paradis (b. 1989, France) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She received a BA from the Gobelins School in Paris.

Known for her unmistakable use of color and outlandish process, Paradis’ work transmits across different mediums through the use of self-portrait photography, painting, performance, sculpture, and video. Through Paradis' immersive multimedia installations, she examines the pathway between extrinsic realities and personal fantasies. Viewers are invited to cross the border into a colorful and candidly surreal landscape where surefooted perceptions are exchanged for a new artistic currency. Additionally, the u...
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