31 MAY – 29 JUNE 2024

30 MAY 2024 | 6 – 8 PM

KÖNIG TELEGRAPHENAMT is pleased to present the exhibition TIME WILL NOT WAIT FOR US by Rachel Garrard, her first solo presentation with the gallery. The exhibition brings together Garrard's most recent body of work, showcasing her exploration of abstraction through the intertwining of the natural world, perception, and imagination.

Rachel Garrard, DIRECTION IN SPACE, 2024, rock powder pigment on linen, 178 x 226 cm

Garrard's artistic practice encompasses a range of both mediums and techniques, including painting, sculpture, sound, and video. Her work is deeply rooted in extensive research into contemporary science, the fundamental elements of nature, the mathematics of harmonious forms, and the potential energy in material objects. Through this interdisciplinary approach, Garrard has developed a distinct symbolic language that aims to connect subjective experience with the cosmic and the universal.

In her paintings, such as DIRECTION IN SPACE and PASSING THROUGH (both 2024), she layers pigments collected from rocks and minerals directly onto the canvas until abstract universes emerge. Her use of natural materials seeks to link the terrestrial with inner landscapes, where the geometry, shapes, and colors of the paintings evoke dreamlike spaces, impossible architectures, and indecipherable symbols, functioning as a threshold between the visible and the invisible. The metaphysical and luminous quality of Garrad’s works engender a rich sensorium of synesthetic experience.

In addition to her paintings, the exhibition includes a series of 24 drawings titled INNER LANDSCAPES, 2024 as well as a series of sculptures made from steel and wood: ASCENSION, PARALLEL WORLDS, and SPACE (all 2021). Like the manner in which the paintings seem to correspond to one another through a carefully selected dialogue of forms, so do the sculptures, though in comparison to the paintings, the emphasis is heavier, weighted, and even.

The exhibition's theme is informed by the current tensions within global politics and the challenges facing the natural world. Garrard sets these against the potential she sees in cosmic structures as a reliable system that manages to hold everything together. In a time of uncertainty and divisiveness, Garrard believes in anchoring her work in the unchanging principles that govern the universe.



Rachel Garrad (b. 1984) lives and works in New York and Mexico. She earned a BFA and MFA at Central Saint Martins, London.

Garrard’s multifaceted practice integrates painting, sculpture, sound, installation, and video, articulating a view of reality in which the border between the physical and ephemeral is porous and ever-shifting. Her paintings are composed of natural substances, such as quartz, ash, or rock powder pigment, that she has personally collected, hand-ground, and applied to raw linen canvas through a process of fine layering translucent washes of color. The applied pigment becomes a physical register of place, a palimpses...
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