28 JULY – 2 SEPTEMBER 2023

KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present SUNSETS, the first solo exhibition by Alexander Wertheim. The exhibition showcases a series of uniformly large canvases within the interior of the CHAPEL. Additionally, an installation of studies on paper, which accompanied the exhibition's creative process, graces the exterior wall of the exhibition space.

Alexander Wertheim's work is characterized by its focus on seriality. Utilizing spray paint on primed canvas, he constructs compositions comprised of vertical and horizontal lines, forming loosely interconnected grids. These lines appear as distinct entities, repeatedly interlocking, "similar to nature, where all sorts of things also rise up vertically, only to be drenched in horizontal color gradients." (quote A. Wertheim).

Wertheim's works explore the relationship between rationality and emotion. The grid mesh exudes a sense of clarity and structure. It visually engages the viewer in a captivating interplay, where opposing tendencies coexist and create a dialogue within the pictorial space. Wertheim delves into the captivating realm of interconnections, unveiling a world of boundless possibilities. Within the picture grid, the lines both contrast and intertwine, creating a interplay. The vertical and horizontal gestures come together to shape the pictorial network, standing side by side and reacting to one another.

The viewer is continually prompted to structure and reorder the picture's content. Depending on the direction of viewing, various color tendencies are emphasized and thus new contexts are set. Wertheim deliberately seeks to challenge and provoke viewers to contemplate what they see, posing questions like "What is a picture?” and "What are the limits of art?”.Wertheim approaches color without any associative attachments. His skillful use of color variations create captivating pictorial tension. He adeptly juxtaposes natural color nuances with artificial-looking colors, as well as pastel shades against primary colors. The color palette of the exhibited works finds its inspiration in sunsets.

All of Wertheim's works are based on sketches, a process that unfolds over months through works on paper. These initial sketches are continuously refined, discarded, and reassembled in various ways. As part of the creative journey, he explores multiple color schemes, striving to achieve a sense of order and harmony, effectively juxtaposing them. The composition of the paintings evolves in stages, carefully coordinated with the chosen color scheme.

Wertheim has expanded four of these preliminary studies into individual works, serving as a prelude that welcomes visitors and entices them to delve into Wertheim's captivating pictorial universe.

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Alexander Wertheim


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Alexander Wertheim (b. 1995 in Wertheim) lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the  University of the Arts (UDK) Berlin under Manfred Pernice. His paintings are created using spray paint on primed canvas, which are built out of vertical and horizontal lines that form loosely connected grids. The saturation of each colour depends on the particular intensity of the spray paint, with some examples more densely filled than others. Wertheim always paints in series, which he starts at the beginning of a particular month, and then completes before said month’s end. While the individual dimensions of each series may vary, slightly,  they are ge...
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