10 FEBRUARY – 12 MAY 2024

The Collection Lambert and POUSH collaborate to create an exhibition showcasing the works of around forty resident artists from the largest artist incubator in Europe, situated in the heart of Avignon.

© Installation views by David Giancatarina

REVENIR DU PRÉSENT is organized through the intertwined perspectives of a contemporary art center and a collective space for artistic creation. It is conceived as a chamber of echoes, an observational tool through which the works of numerous artists, witness art in the making here – in France – and now. The proposals of these creators from various regions and nationalities, based in the bustling workshops of POUSH in Aubervilliers, outline the contours of a diverse French scene, open to the world and aware of the complexity of contemporary issues.

© Installation views by David Giancatarina

Designed as a long-haul journey, the exhibition's itinerary invites those who experience it to feel a succession of atmospheres where possible representations of our relationships with the world unfold. Rituals, pilfering, fables, dreams or nightmares of possible futures, and other spatial transformations infiltrate the rooms of the Collection Lambert to thwart the reality of a future forged in darkness preemptively.

© Installation views by David Giancatarina

Invented in line with the concerns that nourish both organizing institutions, the exhibition is the result of a shared reflection on supporting creation, production, and care for the most accurate integration of works into their exhibition context and for the reception of artists.

The exhibition is curated by Stéphane Ibars and Yvannoé Kruger.



Clédia Fourniau (b. 1992 in Paris, France) lives and works in Paris. She received a BA from Ensaama Olivier de Serres School of Art & Design and a BA and MFA from the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Her paintings are created using acrylic paint, mica, and resin on primed canvas or textile that forms a mirror-glossy surface producing an introspective dialogue between the reflected image and reality. The act of painting is fundamentally dependent on material and process, rooted in a practice of body in action that is built up in her studio day by day and layer after layer, in an extended and unpredictable temporality. She works on the serial ...
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