19 JUNE – 25 AUGUST 2024

Fosun Foundation is set to unveil the Erin Wurm solo exhibition DREAMWALKERS, presenting the artist’s acclaimed “One Minute Sculptures” series, first begun in the 1990s, alongside creations using clothing, food, and other readily available everyday objects touching on the conceptual boundaries of sculpture. DREAMWALKERS not only refers to those neurotic bodies or emptied shells of clothing in Wurm's creations, but also stands as a humorous implied “invitation” sent out to the viewer—an invitation to become the subject of the sculpture, to step into Wurm's absurd scenarios to break conventions and utilitarian canons and processes in order to release the individual from its frozen state between the isolation and fervor of social tension.

Erwin Wurm, born in 1954 in Bruck an der Mur, is one of Austria's leading artists. Throughout his three-decade practice, he has constantly challenged the definitions of sculpture, the limits of the human form, and our relationship with our living space. “Everything is sculpture,” says Wurm. Wurm began creating his iconic “One Minute Sculptures” (OMS) series in the 1990s. The series continues to this day. In this series, Wurm issues written or drawn instructions for the participant to strike a certain pose with a range of common objects such as fruit, a water bucket, or a piece of furniture, and to hold that pose for sixty seconds. These temporary, spontaneous, ephemeral body sculptures, with their “burn after reading” feel, subvert the timelessness of traditional sculpture. In the short stretch of “one minute,” the participant’s body engages in a silly, even awkward encounter with Wurm's provided props, alluding to the individual's ceaseless efforts to correct and adapt their relationship with an impenetrable world, which, under Wurm's neurotic orders, appear arbitrary and lacking discipline—these moments of absurdity are the source of the work's charm. In the span of 60 seconds, the viewer becomes a work of art that is viewed, and the strict discursive system of the museum is punctured and dissolved.

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Erwin Wurm (b. 1954 in Bruck an der Mur, Austria) lives and works in Vienna. His oeuvre comprises sculptures, photography, video, performance, and painting. His works often involve everyday objects such as cars, houses, clothing, luxury bags, and food products, with which he ironically comments on consumerism and capitalist mass production. Wurm gained widespread popularity in the 1990s with his “One Minute Sculptures”. Museum pedestals are displayed and left devoid of any work, so that the audience can take the place of the sculpture for one minute, according to the artist’s whimsical instructions. With this ironic yet radical gesture, Wu...
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