Agnes Questionmark


15.5 x 10.5 cm
Limited Edition of 490
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QuestionGen (0.0022 ml), Agnes Questionmark’s first artist edition, is an anti-medicine: a single blistered 169 mg capsule containing 0.002288998764 ml of the artist’s DNA coming in a medicine box with a misinformative leaflet.

QuestionGen (0.0022 ml) reclaims and repurposes an existing medical device to deconstruct normative reproduction in human speciation, often used as political propaganda to suppress queer exposure. This pill is an act of resistance as well as a rebellion against the coercive power that scientists and doctors exert on people’s bodies, enacting a series of discriminations based on race, gender, and class.

QuestionGen (0.0022 ml) allows a process of deconstruction of the human being as a privileged entity; it is a further step into a series of experiments, projects, events, or happenings that will give an active contribution to the birth of a more egalitarian species. Your ability to reshape and transform yourself is the active principle of QuestionGen (0.0022 ml).

The pill was created in collaboration with Josie Zayner, bio-hacker, and artist, who was able to synthesize Agnes Questionmark’s DNA from blood through a chemical DNA extraction method. Alongside texts by Agnes Questionmark, the leaflet features contributions by Josie Zayner, Kostas Stasinopolous, and Arturo Passacantando.

Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.5 cm
Language leaflet: English
Made in Italy

Limited Edition of 490

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