Robert Janitz

Plates, 2020

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Work Details

Material: hand painted ceramic plates
Edition size: Series of 75 for each colour.
Each plate is unique and hand painted and signed by the artist.
Measurements: 30 cm diameter.


Made in Mexico with real Tortillas and fake sauce.
I think of them as an actor’s achievement:
I am eating, I am painting.

The plates are made to be used. They are glazed at 1100º Celsius, food safe, dishwasher safe.
A big thank you goes to Ceramica Suro, Guadalajara, Mexico: such wonderful people that allow ideas in ceramic to become reality.

“I am a shy person, and the idea of expressing myself—even with only myself as an audience—feels like something I have to deal with before painting”, says Robert Janitz in an interview for Artnet.

Janitz uses simple analogies, such as painting being like buttering a piece of toast (this is not to say his paintings are ever representations of buttered toast, but more to draw attention to the way an action transforms a surface into something new). His vertical strokes resemble the layers of whitewash put on the windows of shops that have gone bankrupt, hiding something that is just beyond what we can make out.

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