Chiharu Shiota

Invisible Line

aros aarhus kunstmuseum
69 pages
ISBN: 978 8 79218 476 4
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Invisible Line is a solo exhibition by Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota (b. 1972, Osaka, Japan), who now lives and works in Berlin. Her installations have captivated audiences all over the world. Thoughts of mortality – loss, death – but also joy and exuberance are explored by Shiota in her work. The exhibition focuses on Shiota’s often humble yet always powerful drawings and paintings letting the spectators realize their significance as works of art. In Invisible Line we find the work Last Hope; one of Shiota’s most beautiful installations. Last Hope is an all-encompassing thread installation created to make its audience wonder and inspire hope. You can also experience one of her most direct and raw works – Light in the Darkness – which communicates without hesitation Shiota’s struggle, pain, and sorrow connected to the trials of a cancer illness.

Publishing Year: 2022
Publisher: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Editor(s): Rebecca Matthews
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 69
Dimensions: 24 x 17.2 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Language: Danish-English

ISBN: 978 8 79218 476 4

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