Nasan Tur


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208 pages
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Nasan Tur (*1974) explores the political and social conditions of our time. His works are experiments that bring to light ideologies, social norms, and behavioral codes and open up new possibilities for individual action. To this end, the artist examines statements, gestures, and images that he finds in the media and in the public sphere. Tur transforms them into miniatures of current social crises and discourses. The question of how predetermined role models influence us is at the heart of his art: he investigates what drives us to cross boundaries when faced with oppression, powerlessness, and manipulation and to actively change the social order. The catalog is published to accompany the exhibition at Berlinische Galerie and presents new works addressing questions of power and its legitimacy. Why do human beings kill each other? What is the nature of the violence that we witness in ourselves and how and under what circumstances is it triggered? By arranging his works in a specific way, Tur creates images that express an ambivalent attitude towards death and life. The artist confronts us with our inner demons, asks hunters about the act of killing, and carefully arranges lifeless animals in the exhibition space.

Publishing Year: 2023
Publisher: Verlag Kettler
Editor(s): Guido Fassbender
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 208
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ISBN: 978 3 98741 067 3

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