Alicja Kwade

Grad der Gewissheit

distanz verlag
160 pages
ISBN: 978 3 95476 051 0
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The perception of time and of economic processes In her sculptures, video works, and installations, Alicja Kwade (born 1979 in Katowice, Poland, lives and works in Berlin) addresses economic, scientific, and sociocultural systems and their uncertain nature: for example, the artist traces the movement of money on the financial markets, which is based on probabilities and forecasts and always requires a degree of risk-taking. She likewise reflects on the phenomenon of time as an elementary constant that can only be understood in changing relations. Alicja Kwade's work is itself an open system: by transforming, mirroring, doubling, and duplicating materials and objects, she develops realistic fictions that amaze, astonish, and raise questions with regard to functional contexts and value concepts. Motifs such as clock, mirror, stone, lamp, light, material surfaces and (porcelain) figures recur again and again in her installations. They bring their own temporality and at the same time refer to a traditional, art-historical iconography. Grad der Gewissheit is Alicja Kwade's third monograph with Distanz, with texts by Sylvia Martin, Vanessa Joan Müller, and Robin Schuldenfrei.

Publishing Year: 2014
Publisher: Distanz Verlag
Editor(s): Sylvia Martin
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 28 x 21 cm
Weight 0.8
Language: Bilingual English / German

ISBN: 978 3 95476 051 0

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