Alice Anderson

Childhood Rituals

76 pages
ISBN: 978 2 35733 141 9
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Dolls' hair refers to my childhood memories. I remember the terrible fears I used to have when I was a child left alone at home for many long hours waiting for the return of my mother. At that time I invented rituals for myself to calm my anxieties. These rituals consisted of undoing the thread from seams and I would wind these threads around parts of my body and other objects. Later I began to use hair instead of thread. The act of remembering generates an imaginative and fictive account of the past Bergson once said that to talk about the past is to dream. Time operates as my working material my 'canvas', as I reinvent my memories. I play with the dislocation of time in the same way that children construct parallel worlds. As children, we do not think logically and our conception of time certainly does not operate along a linear or objective trajectory.

Publishing Year: 2011
Publisher: Archibooks
Editor(s): Sophie Limoges, David Radazinowicz
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 76
Dimensions: 24 x 28,9 cm
Weight: 0,6 kg
Language: English/French

ISBN: 978 2 35733 141 9

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