Monica Bonvicini | 15th Istanbul Biennial – A Good Neighbour
Istanbul | 16.9.–12.11.2017
Curated by Elmgreen & Dragset
Monica Bonvicini’s works explore the complex history of intimacy and power in relationship to space and the body. In the first, large room of the formerly male part of the hammam, Bonvicini presents Weave This Way (2016), a collage of female body parts, culled from glossy print magazines. The stark nudity of the cluster of pink skin, legs and arms supplants the erotic charge of these images. Locating the work in the hammam creates a link to Jean- Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ The Turkish Bath (1862) and its depiction of female nudes within an analogous space. Directly opposite stands the sculpture GUILT (2017), reflecting both space and visitor in a disjointed manner. In the adjacent back space of the hammam, three fluorescent light works intentionally over-expose the visitor as well as the central cube-like sculpture Belt Out (2017), constructed from male leather belts.