Norbert Bisky | Norbert Bisky A Retrospective. ten years of painting
Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamps, Cully, Switzerland | 17.9.–23.10.2011
Norbert Bisky – A Retrospective. Ten Years of Painting

September 18 to October 23, 2011 | Open 24 hours every day

Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp Place d’Arme / Quai de l’Indépendance, CH-1096 Cully

From 17 September to 23 October 2011, the Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp – ‘the world’s tiniest museum’ – will be showing the works of the painter Norbert Bisky. Born in Berlin in 1970, this internationally renowned artist will be exhibiting, under the title A Retrospective. Ten Years of Painting, miniature replicas of his mostly huge-format paintings in a specially staged environment,as well as a further three miniatures in three of the Kunsthalle’s five peep boxes which have been closed off from the main exhibition space on the inside and transformed into tiny, separate exhibition spaces towards the outside. Thus the homage to Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise,already implied by the name and description of the museum, has furnished the concept on which Bisky has based his exhibition. In other words, the replica of his painting Everything Will Be Alright(2011), the original of which measures 280 x 500 cm, has undergone a drastic reduction in size to 11.6 x 20.8 cm for the present exhibition. Similarly, Team Spirit (2008), originally measuring 40 x 50 cm, now measures a tiny 1.7 x 2 cm.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue containing texts by Christoph Doswald, Soledad Garcia-Saavedra and Raphael Gygax/Judith Welter and published by the Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg.