Tue Greenfort | Kunst i Sollys - NATURE (RE)TURNS
Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, Denmark | 3.6.–17.9.2017
ARKEN’s summer exhibition investigates the relationship between mankind and nature. With brand new site-specific works by the artists Nanna Debois Buhl and Tue Greenfort the exhibition deals with the man-made landscape on The Art Island.

An insect’s wing sweeps across the outer wall of ARKEN. A 400-million-year-old crablike animal appears in the lagoon. Nature takes the stage in new ways in ARKEN’s outdoor summer exhibition NATURE (RE)TURNS, which can be experienced from 3 June in the landscape around the museum. The point of departure for the exhibition is the idea of the anthropocene – the designation for a brand new geological epoch in which the human imprint on the planet has become so massive that in the future it will be possible to scan it in the geological strata. It is a time when man-made climatic change and the loss of biodiversity are accelerating; when millions of kilometres of asphalted roads cover the surface of the earth, when the chicken as a farm animal has become the most widespread bird in the world. In the anthropocene age humanity itself has become a force of nature with fatal consequences for its own future and that of the planet.

Anthropocene art 
ARKEN has invited the two Danish visual artists Nanna Debois Buhl and Tue Greenfort to create works that investigate how art can help us to experience the changes in nature around us. How do we affect nature, and how does nature affect us? NATURE(RE)TURNS is being shown on The Art Island, which was inaugurated in 2016. The landscape around ARKEN is artificially laid out and is thus an appropriate framework for the exploration of the ways in which we understand nature, and where the borderline between nature and culture goes.

In her practice Nanna Debois Buhl often investigates historical and cultural factors as they are manifested in the flora, fauna or architecture of a given place. She works with a conceptual and experimental approach to photography in picture series, installations,films or site-specific works. Tue Greenfort works with evolutionary processes and the human influence on the biosphere of the earth. Through a focus on plants, animals and the climate, Greenfort thematizes the man-made changes that have taken place over recent centuries.

The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with the professor of anthropology from Aarhus University Nils Bubandt with support from the Research Committee of the Ministry of Culture and is part of the exhibition series Art in Sunshine which ARKEN initiated in 2015.

NATURE (RE)TURNS unfolds in three places: on The Art Island, at the Ishøj Public Library and at DIAS in Vallensbæk. In collaboration with DIAS, ARKEN will be showing video works by Nanna Debois Buhl and Tue Greenfort at Vallensbæk Station, just one stop from Ishøj with the A-train. The works can be seen in the station interior from 3 June – 6 August. At the Ishøj Public Library a satellite exhibition will be moving in for the period 3 June – 17 September. Ishøj Public Library is in the town centre by Ishøj Station.