Tue Greenfort | Tue Greenfort - YOU ARE AN ANIMAL & HOW TO FEED THE WORLD
DEN FRIE CENTRE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Copenhagen, Denmark | 16.6.–13.8.2017

Tue Greenfort

A section of industrially farmed land and a fertilizer fountain. Prototaxites – a 400-million-year-old fungus, the primeval fungus and fungus of all fungi. The Periphylla Periphylla jellyfish, a barometer of the state of the ocean. Wasteland, terrain vague, vacant lot – all terms for areas that are not earmarked for any specific purpose, but bear the marks of human activity and random remains. In the exhibition Tue Greenfort Eats Den Frie, the galleries are infiltrated by living organisms and organic processes in dialogue with their surroundings and their human audience. With great precision, Tue Greenfort draws our attention to the complex relationship between human self-perception and nature. Fascinated by the mechanisms and mysteries of the natural world, he challenges the economic, social, political and biological realities that challenge our apparently persistent view of an omnipotent humankind, superior to its surroundings.

The exhibition is supported by: 15. Juni Fonden, City of Copenhagen, The Danish Arts Council, Arne V. Schleschs Fond, Bodil Pedersen Fonden, Axel Muusfeldts Fond and MøbeltransportDanmark – Fine Art Logistics. A thank you to landscape architect Steffen Plejdrup from Byland Studio.