Claudia Comte | Zigzag division
Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland | 30.6.2016–30.6.2018
The Museum's Future

The Museum's future is now on show: information and current developments, glances at the collection, an immersive installation by artist Claudia Comte, a art cabins for kids, and a café.

Room 4 - Information and current developments – the Café

The dominant feature of the information area is a 360° wall painting by artist Claudia Comte, born in Lausanne in 1983 and now based in Berlin. In this work she brings a fresh eye to the codes of modernism, popular culture and the history of art.The result is an electric, immersive, fascinating space home to all sorts of ways of learning about the architecture and the collection of the museum to come, of understanding the building process, and of keeping up to date on the Platform 10 project.The regular see-sawing of Comte's zigzag offers a dynamic evocation of the present in-between situation of the Museum of Fine Arts, Lausanne, as it pursues its exhibition program at the Palais de Rumine, broadens its scope and at the same time commits to an imminent future.There is also a café where you can relax, hang out and leaf through catalogues of previous mcb-a exhibitions.