Claudia Comte | The Language of Things, Public Art Fund
New York, City Hall Park Broadway & Chambers Street | 28.6.–29.9.2016
"There is no event or thing in either animate or inanimate nature that does not in someway partake in language, for it is in the nature of each one to communicate its mental contents." 
-Walter Benjamin, ‘On language as Such and on the Language of Man’ (1916)

Language is not limited to the form of words. From the glow of a lamppost or the curve of a bench to a bird’s song, we are constantly in dialogue with what theorist Walter Benjamin called “the language of things.” This exhibition speaks to our innate attempts to understand and read patterns inherent in the world around us. The show features new and existing objects, a live artwork, sound installation, and poetry suggestive of different forms of coded communication—both manmade and natural—between a person and an object, among people and nature, or connecting people with one another.

Claudia Comte's site-responsive installation 'The Italian Bunnies' speaks to her interest in repetition, patterns, and subtle variations of forms within her practice. The shapes of the individual sculptures reference the language of modernist abstraction, while also reading as cartoon-like figures, with each taking on its own character. Together they form an anthropomorphic family on the lawn.

Each bunny has its own name, relating to historic Italian sculptors: Guido, Pietro, Gian Lorenzo, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Properzia. 

Curated by Public Art Fund Associate Curator Emma Enderby with initial development by former Public Art Fund Curator Andria Hickey.