Sculpture 21st | Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg | 9.6.–23.10.2016
Danish artist Jeppe Hein (*1974) ranks among the pioneers of a new, playful concept of contemporary sculpture. The Museum’s great glass hall seems made for a body of work in which inside and outside, physical and mental conditions converge. One of the hallmarks of Jeppe Hein’s large-scale pieces is the way they invite visitor to participate: interactions, vibrations and reflections open up resonant spaces for, figuratively speaking, experiences that generate social situations in the first place.

As part of “Sculpture 21st”, Jeppe Hein will design a spatial installation that will “lift our feet off the ground” and celebrate the height of the room. In his most recent works he has given a new twist to the artistic topos of the mirror. Their conceptual precision is dazzling; at the same time they are easily accessible, offering diverse perceptions to people from different social classes and cultures and creating, at the intersection between museum and urban space, a different “image” of the museum, one that will seduce people to explore its interior.

Jeppe Hein, Rotating Labyrinth, 2007, 220 x 550 x 550 m, Courtesy KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, 303 Gallery, New York, and Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen.