Tatiana Trouvé | L'Éclat de l'Absence
Red Brick Museum, Beijing, China | 28.5.–28.8.2016
The dual solo exhibitions of internationally renowned French contemporary artists Tatiana Trouvé (the winner of Prix Marcel Duchamp) opened at Beijing Red Brick Art Museum on May 28th. It will be her first solo exhibitions in China. Tatiana Trouvé is well known for the large-scale spatial installations integrated with architecture and her paintings.The exhibitions is named for the titles of her works: "The Sparkle of Absence" is from Trouvé's conceptual series, consisting of works that have never been materialized .

The dual solo exhibition is organized by the Red Brick Art Museum, supported by French Embassy in China, and curated by Tang Zehui with the help of the curatorial assistant Liang Xiao.