PUBLIC PROJECTS | König Galerie | 1.1.2014–31.12.2020

Public projects allow new perspectives on everyday spaces. The artworks can enrich and expand the space, but they can also raise questions and disrupt in order to break up given structures. This creates a stimulating dialogue between art and architecture. Public projects challenge the viewer to a direct confrontation with the work of art and its surrounding structures, so that one immediately becomes part of the object-space relationship.

The spatial possibilities in a public space allow for a variety of artistic interventions that are strongly oriented towards the prevailing conditions of the urban or natural landscape and its inhabitants. The artistic idea frequently results directly from the given environment and therefore often gives the project a site-specific character.

We believe that public projects are a powerful motor to engage a broad population with art and help to break down barriers. The access to the objects is often given directly in an open space and thus enables a reception without constraint.

This selection shows the great variety of possible projects. Together with you and the artists, we can create unique artworks that are developed with a strong commitment to the space and its specific conditions. We would be happy to support you in the process.