Alicja Kwade | Art Basel Online Viewing Room
Online | 23.9.–27.9.2020
23 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2020

Please click here to access the Saleroom.

KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present new works by Alicja Kwade at the Art Basel Online Viewing Room in September 2020. Most pieces were created this year accumulating in an extraordinary selection of works on paper and sculptures. Through them, the artist continues her in-depths reflections about the measurement of time and processes of transition. This becomes evident in works like "Die Menge des Moments" in which Kwade chooses sandstone as a material that impressively shows the passing of time as the result of a process lasting thousands of years. Works like "Emergenz" and "Duodecuple Be-Hide" show Kwade's investigation of perception and transformation processes. She arranges objects made of materials such as granite, marble, and bronze, separated from each other by mirrors, in a circular or linear arrangement. Depending on one’s perspective, the objects thus enter into symbioses, disappear behind one another or become hybrids. Some of the works available in the Online Viewing Room are currently being shown in Alicja Kwade's solo exhibition at the Langen Foundation in Neuss/Germany.