with Jose Dávila, Michael Sailstorfer
KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to announce its Online Viewing room on the occasion of Jose Dávila´s exhibition THE MOMENT OF SUPSENSION in the Nave as well as Michael Sailstorfer´s exhibition SINK, SANK, SUNK in the Chapel.

Please click here to access the ONLINE VIEWING ROOM

Over the course of a career spanning more than 20 years, Guadalajara-based Jose Dávila has engaged with the architecture, symbolism, and material integration of space. For his third solo exhibition at König Galerie, he has poised disparate kinds of lithic bodies—ranging from basalt stone and volcanic rock, to more quotidian materials like limestone and concrete—against each other to create a delicate interaction of volume and mass. Intimating utopian ideals, uncut rock and sculpted concrete are brought into uneasy congruence, realizing an equilibrium that holds differently weighted materials in place.

For all its environmental references, the visual vocabulary of this exhibitionby Michael Sailstorfer, resists simplistic patterns of explanation. The works on show blur any clear distinctions by offering a true reflection of the inseparable interactions of various actors. Above the reception area hang eight dark bronze casts the shape and size of lightbulbs. The unique materiality and surface of Batterie-Feld (2019), however, stem from the different practices and practitioners interrelate. They were created by placing wax moulds of lightbulbs in suitably scaled hives and leaving honey-bees to work on them until their industrial appearance had been totally covered with island-shaped honeycombs. Their forms were then cast in bronze and sandblasted. The resulting hybrid objects constantly oscillate between technical and animal production, their material qualities become interchangeable.