Alicja Kwade | x Salvador Dalí ー The Other Side of the Mirror
Pola Museum, Japan | 10.8.–1.12.2019
Syncopation: Contemporary encounters with the Modern Masters
Aug. 10 (Sat)-Dec. 1 (Sun), 2019

Using hard materials like metal, mirrors, and glass, Alicja Kwade creates installations that amplify the sense of disjuncture in human consciousness. This work, Between Glances, contains both mirrors that reflect the figure of the viewer, as well as transparent glass panels that allow the viewer to see through to “the other side.” The lamps that ought to have disappeared light up like some phantom vision, confusing our gaze and beckoning us towards the world that lies beyond. Salvador Dalí also created works that invite the viewer into a labyrinth. Illusory spaces also unfold within Dalí’s paintings, populated by multi-layered fleshly figures, and the mirror images of menacing clouds and curious rock formations