Tue Greenfort | AMILKORKIM
Schloss Kornberg, Oststeiermark | 4.7.–4.7.2015
Tue Greenfort

In a multi-stage process, Tue Greenfort investigates the landscape of south-east Styria as an economic region and a dynamic field between different agricultural models and ecological aspects. Following an initial intervention in September 2014, that involved upturning an information column and putting up a hoarding, the second step involved a sculptural treatment of the Meierhof site in Kornberg. Soon after the Second World War this was a site of seed growing, giving rise to new high-yield, hardy varieties on the basis of local genetic material from maize, millet and broad beans.Greenfort, on the other hand, is interested in alternative methods of farming. He is experimenting in Kornberg with Mycorrhiza, a symbiotic association between fungi and plants that produces a wide range of living organisms. For this purpose he was building a special greenhouse consisting of glass, clay and wood walls. It has three separate, walk-in inner rooms with three different microclimate zones. He plants truffle trees and grows fungal cultures on tree trunks. Around the house he is laying out an orchard with other newly planted fruit trees and flowers.The aim of the overall site is to establish a stand-alone aesthetic experimental set-up. Greenfort is once again researching the foundations of our life, translating his findings into the language of art. He is thus focusing on the development of industrial agriculture and the widely branching system of food production around the world, that is today facing a fundamental political decision of global consequence: is monoculture destroying biodiversity? 

Tue Greenfort is an internationally renowned artist who caused a stir with large-scale works at the Sculpture Projects Exhibition in the urban space of Münster in 2007 and at the Documenta 13 (2012), among others. 

A project by the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria in collaboration with the community of Kornberg. 

Project participants Mischi Pakesch, Gnas (project manager Kornberg) Dirck Möllmann, Graz (curator at the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria) Elisabeth Fiedler, Graz (head of the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria) Mathis Esterhazy, Vienna (bausprache, metal construction and design)