David Zink Yi | David Zink Yi - Manganese Make My Colors Blue
MAK - Museum für angewandte Gegenwartskunst, Wien | 6.10.2010–6.3.2011
David Zink Yi tackles aspects of identity formation and world construction, defining the term “identity” as the product of an analytical, formative process, rather than a development evaluated exclusively in cultural terms. While in his objects and installations, minimalist, reduced elements are fused with deliberately opulent ones to create an aesthetic language of form, in his filmic work the artist shows music and body language as isolated fragments, resulting in emotion and expression being made abstract. Sound and choice of picture motif reflect here the fragments of a personal, social and political situation. In 2005 David Zink Yi took part in the MAK Scholars Program in the Mackey Apartments, Los Angeles.

Exhibition David Zink Yi, Peter Noever
Curator Bärbel Vischer

In 2010, the exhibitions in the MAK Gallery present artistic positions which tackle procedural structures, systems and conditioning in their cultural and social context.