Jorinde Voigt | Universal Turn
Horst-Janssen-Museum, Oldenburg, Germany | 31.8.–3.11.2019
The works of the Berlin artist Jorinde Voigt are among the most exciting drawings that are currently being created on paper. She works on huge formats with pencil, ink, ink, pastel or oil pastels. For some years, gold leaf and copper leaf have been added. The combination of writing, linear structures and pictorial three-dimensional forms creates a sensual interplay.

Behind each of the mostly multi-part works is a system - notations and diagrams with which the artist records social, scientific, philosophical or even musical phenomena. She is highly subjective and transfers her observations - such as bird flight lines or routes - into her own language of forms. Even works by other artists, authors and composers form the basis for Voigt's complex on-drawings, in which the elements never stop and are illuminated simultaneously by many sides.

The Horst Janssen Museum shows work series from the last ten years and the current work "Immersive Integral Universal Splash".