Jorinde Voigt | Jorinde Voigt
Flex Berlin | 30.5.–22.7.2014
Jorinde Voigt’s drawings Inkommunikabilität I-IV(2014) celebrate their elusiveness with gilded formsand complex algorithms. The drawings visualizewords and fragments, often climaxes, from thechapter Die Entdeckung der Inkommunikabilität,taken from Niklas Luhmann’s sociological text Liebeals Passion: Zur Codierung von Intimität (1982).Sweeping arcs connect scribbles to shapes andconstruct matrixes for viewers to decode. Voigt mapsthe territory covered by her reading process: shegives form to “incommunicable” content. Composedover four pieces in FLEX, these mind maps traversethe border of materiality and immateriality, similarlyto how Luhmann’s text takes on both real world andfantastical intimacies. Suspended on white paper,Voigt’s forms spontaneously emerge both as part ofher creative process and before viewers’ eyes.