Jeremy Shaw | Variation FQ
Schinkel Pavillon | 22.6.–21.7.2013
Jeremy Shaw
Variation FQ
22.06.13  — 21.07.13

In the exhibition Variation FQ, Jeremy Shaw will premiere his latest work – a 16mm film that presents the transgender voguer, Leiomy Maldonado, within the stark, black and white aesthetics of an experimental 1960’s ballet film. Voguing is a primarily African-American and Latino, gay, dance subculture that began in New York in the late 1960’s, attracting little attention in the mainstream. Using sharp black and white contrast, step-and-repeat optical effects, slow motion, and an original soundtrack composed by the artist himself, the film amplifies the unique, cathartic movements of the protagonists dance, both eloquent and violent. Variation FQ is a study of the co-evolution of subculture, gender, dance, and special effects.

Jeremy Shaw’s work explores altered states and the cultural and scientific practices that aspire to, or attempt to map, transcendental experience. Often involving the documentation of physical and ritualistic activities of subculture, his videos, photographs, and installations offer propositions around the translation of experiences often considered untranslatable.