Jeppe Hein | & Others | Prism Fantasy: New ways to view light | Paradise Art Space, Incheon, Korea
König Galerie | 19.4.–18.8.2019

No matter what age we live in or what country we are from, “light” has existed as an essential part of our lives. Humans have come to understand this phenomenon in a multitude of ways from the humanities to the natural sciences. PRISM FANTASY began with a question that blurred the line between art and science in modern times a question of what light really is. This exhibition features a diverse spectrum of works using natural and artificial lighting, and offers a critical view of the technological aspect of light as an art medium throughout art history. The exhibition space is divided into four themes representing four attributes of light: reflection, infinity, spectrum, and illusion.
The section titled Reflection features works by Jeppe Hein (Denmark), Daniel Rozin (Israel), and Daniel Buren (France). The section Infinity features works representing the infinity of light by Ivan Navarro (Chile), Thomas Canto (France), and Lee Bul (Korea). The section Spectrum displays works by Gabriel Dawe (Mexico) and Bongchull Shin (Korea) that address a wide variety of light spectrum. The section Illusion exhibits works by Ryota Kuwakubo (Japan), Lee Yongbaek (Korea), and Olafur Eliasson (Denmark) that cross the line between reality and imagination.Completed through an aggressive interaction between viewers and artworks, the exhibition suggests a wide array of approaches to light.